Bobby's Story

Bobby has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells, characterized by the rapid growth of abnormal white blood cells that accumulate in the bone marrow and interfere with the production of normal blood cells. AML is the most common acute leukemia affecting adults, and its incidence increases with age. Although AML is a relatively rare disease, accounting for approximately 1.2% of cancer deaths in the United States, its incidence is expected to increase as the population ages.

It started one Monday with a minor fever and Bobby came home from school early. The next day his fever began to hit over 101. By Wednesday, he woke up in the morning and his fever was spiking and he had blood clots forming on his lips, tongue and cheeks. A visit to the doctor and a blood test on Thursday revealed that he needed immediate hospitalization.

Symptoms began to escalate quickly. Blood bruises were worse and spreading all over his body. Platelet transfusions became mandatory. Testing his bone marrow revealed that over 75% of his marrow was laden with Leukemia cells and the doctor believed leukemia had spread from 1% to 75% within only 3 days.

The oncologist believes his odds of survival to be very high, but not without aggressive chemotherapy. Bobby has lost his hair and his family has lost much sleep, but his prognosis is looking good. As you can tell by the face in these photos, Bobby's spirits remain high. It is this indomitable spirit that inspires the CHS Track and Field team to do what is possible to help Bobby and his family recover from the financial burden of his journey.

Bobby admits his stay at the Children's Hospital in Aurora hasn't been all bad. He's had some pretty unique visitors, and even got to ride in a Ferrari! Recently, Bobby paid a visit to his high school classmates at Centaurus High School. Bobby and his family are looking forward to having him home for good, following recovery from his fourth and final Chemotherapy session.

Ferrari ride!