Warrior Relay

The Warrior Relay is a community event that brings together people of all ages and abilities to participate in a unique and memorable experience.

The Relay benefits the Track & Field program at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado.

This year’s inaugural event will also benefit Centaurus Junior and Track and Field Athlete Bobby Marble, who is currently battling Leukemia.


THANK YOU for the amazing outpouring of support!

If you would like to make a general donation to our event, please do so here, using the FLAT donation option:


If you would like to donate to a specific participant in the event, you can find us all here!


(every individual participant's fundraising IS counted toward our team goal, but the CharityBets website doesn't currently provide functionality for us to tally individual participants toward the team goal [they're working on it]. As a temporary fix, we've created the PROGRESS/RESULTS page, which tallies all participants' fundraising as well as the general donations)

When And Where

Saturday, March 17th, 2013

9am to 9pm

Centaurus High School- Warrior Stadium/Track

10300 South Boulder Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026

How It Works- Pledge or Participate!


Know someone participating but can't make it to the event on March 17th? Want to support Centaurus Track and Field? Consider making a pledge! All donations are tax-deductible, and go directly to the Centaurus High School Track & Field activities fund, which we use to pay for equipment, transportation costs, uniforms, meet entry fees, etc. This year’s inaugural event will also benefit Centaurus Junior and Track and Field Athlete Bobby Marble, who is currently battling Leukemia.

Click "DONATE" on right side of page

(You will be taken to a page where you can make a secure, tax-deductible pledge to the competitor you choose)


This event is free and open to the public!

Think you've got what it takes to run with the Warriors? Well, come toe the line with us! (Please see the FAQs, if you're still confused after reading below).

Registration Deadline: March 12th March 15th!

Just come join us tomorrow!

List of registered participants here

1. Sign up by following the link below to create your fundraising profile. Set a (reasonable!!) mileage goal. Tell all your friends how nuts you are, but that you're doing it for a great cause!

Setting a reasonable mileage goal:

When setting your mileage goal, keep the following in mind:

- The average walker walks at 2-3 miles/hour

- You'll want to factor in some rest time. For lunch, dinner, and to simply get off your feet!

- Remember: If you surpass your mileage goal, your donors are usually more than happy to cover the extra, since it means you succeeded! At the same time, if you set a goal that is too easily achieved, you could be misleading your donors.

- Once you set a mileage goal and receive your first pledge, you may no longer adjust your goal!

- Bottom line: Be honest! Put some thought into what you think you can truly achieve, and then do your best to achieve it!

2. Gather pledges ($1 per mile, for example) from friends, family, coworkers, neighbors... by sending them an email with the link to your fundraising profile. When asking for pledges, a short statement about why this event is important to YOU and your COMMUNITY goes a long way. You can use the "Quote" and "Description" fields on your fundraising profile. All donations are done securely online, and are tax-deductible!

3. With your pledges gathered, and your running shoes laced up, come run/walk with us on March 17th from 9am to 9pm! Please check in at the registration tent, beginning at 8am, to verify your registration and to sign the participant waiver. Registration will close at 8:45am.

4. Our local business sponsors will provide free grub (lunch and dinner) for all participants, and we'll have all sorts of support there (see below) to help you reach your goal!


(Fill out some basic information to create your fundraising profile.)

(Customize your profile and then start gathering pledges!)


Got a crew? Join the team competition! Everyone on your team must first sign up as individuals (following the link above). Then, email the following information to devin.rourke@gmail.com to enter the team competition:

    • Team Name
    • Team Captain's name
    • Team Members' names and each of their individual mileage goals

Team Competition Rules:

  • Limit 10 people per team (this is flexible)
  • At least one member of the team must be running on the track at all times. Teams will receive a marble at the beginning of the event. The marble must not stop moving for the entire 12 hours! (The "Marble Exchange Zone", or MEZ, will be clearly marked on the track).
  • More than one team member (or even the entire team!) is welcome to run at the same time (since everyone is working toward their individual mileage goals), as long as at least one member of your team keeps the marble moving!
  • Team fundraising and mileage totals will be tallied at the end of the event to determine the winners!
  • Please have every member of your team present during the final hour of the relay, and especially for the Bell Lap!
  • Please see the FAQs, if you're still confused!

How Are Results Calculated and Donations Collected?

At the conclusion of the event, results for individual and team participants (their total miles run) will be posted on the results page. It will be up to you, the individual participant, to report your mileage total to your fundraising page, in order for your pledges to be collected through the automatic system built into the donation website.

What Will I Get for Participating?

Other than the pride and karma points from knowing you helped raise money for a great cause, you mean?

  • Lunch (Thank You to our sponsors!)
  • Dinner (Thank You to our sponsors!)
  • A massage (donations appreciated, Thank You to our sponsors!)
  • maybe a T-shirt (we're working on it...)
  • maybe a goody bag (we're working on it...)

The Relay Planning Committee is working hard to secure donations of healthy foods, beverages, and water for participants and volunteers. If you’d like to help in this arena, let us know! (We are especially in need of a t-shirt sponsor. If you or your company are interested in subsidizing the purchase of t-shirts for our participants, please contact devin.rourke@gmail.com) Just to be safe, we encourage all teams to plan ahead and bring extra food and beverages. A concession stand will be available, all proceeds benefiting the same cause.

Be Prepared!

And as you know, Colorado weather is unpredictable. The event will happen RAIN (or snow) OR SHINE. To help you get through the day, we will have:

  • Certified Athletic Trainer -- on staff the entire time, at center field.
  • Warming tent, rest station -- a heated tent, blankets and hot fluids will be available. The fieldhouse will also be available.
  • Concession Stand -- offering food and beverages.
  • Porta-Johns -- located near the entrance of the track, as well as inside the school.
  • Ambulance/EMT -- standing by, should anything go wrong.

And a crew of amazing volunteers to help!


Thanks to our amazing sponsors, awards will be given out for:

  • Best Team Costume
  • Best Individual Costume
  • Most Money Raised- Individual
  • Most Money Raised- Team
  • Most Miles Run- Individual
  • Most Miles Run- Team
  • Ultimate Warrior Award - To any individual who raises at least $500

Don’t Miss!


Thanks to our sponsors!

Backward hour

Switch directions (we might do this a couple times..)

Green Hour

It is St. Patrick's Day, after all

Warrior Hour

Get out your school colors!

Glo stick hour

We'll provide the glo-sticks!

Bell lap!

The Marble family will lead the final lap. Don't miss this.

Health and Safety

Please remember that this is a Fun Run to benefit a great cause, so just have fun! To ensure the health and safety of everyone involved, please:

  • No alcohol or smoking
  • No bikes, skateboards, roller blades, ..horses ...pogo sticks..
  • Your well-behaved furry friends are welcome, but not on the track or infield please. Also, please help us in keeping our school grounds clean by picking up after fido.
  • Slower runners or walkers, please yield the inside lanes to faster runners.
  • Strollers please use outside lanes.

Volunteers Needed!

Are you or your organization interested in volunteering the day of the event? Please email Louise Garrels at garrels@comcast.net for more details and to coordinate. We could use help with many things, including, but not limited to:

  • Concession stand
  • Drawing
  • Monitor, restock aid station
  • Registration/Information tent


Event Director

Devin Rourke, CHS Head Track and XC coach


Volunteer Coordinator

Louise Garrels