2019 Team

2019 Coaches Team Goals

1. Support and Encourage your teammates! It is important that as a team we support and encourage each other at practice, at meets, at school, and in life.

2. Go watch other disciplines compete. Make sure people have cheering sections!

3. Upperclassmen “pass the torch”. Be a leader in your everyday actions to mentor our team’s next generation.

4. Every Varsity meet we will seed and run a Girls AND Boys 4x400m relay.

5. Students see improvement throughout the season.

2019 Team Culture (Decided by the Students)

1. Have Fun

2. Friendship Among Teammates

3. Staying positive at practice, at meets, at home, and at school

4. Constant Improvement

5. Everyone giving his/her best effort

6. Teammates supporting each other

7. Respecting coaches, other athletes, officials, spectators, and Family (Sportsmanship)

8. Being on Time

9. Staying academically eligible; importance of school

10. Bouncing back from mistakes