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2018 Track Season Starts Feb. 26th 3:20 on the track
Come to the parent/interest meeting Tues. Feb. 20th at 6:00 pm in room 202

If you are interested in Spring Track & Field

Come join your team for Winter Track training!! 

We meet on Track unless the weather is bad (Argo)
Read the Winter Track page for more information!

2018 Track & Field Team Email List Here

For every meet, we will bring a big tub of food for the athletes.  Meets are long and we are often eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together :).  We ask that each athlete donates a small amount to help fund it.  Hopefully, it will keep the concession stand nachos away!!  Thank you

The Warrior Track&Field Team website will be updated frequently throughout the season.  Please feel free to look at past information and come back often.  If there is anything that you would like to talk to a coach about, please email  
our track coaches at any time.  

We are looking forward to hosting meets in our newly remodeled stadium this year.  It will be exciting to host our first State Qualifying Invitational this year!  
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Why We Do What We Do

Centaurus High School’s mission is to create educated, engaged, empowered, and compassionate participants in a global society. Athletic participation at Centaurus serves as an integral part of a student's educational experience. Athletic programs are education-based, teach life skills, and participation supports the development of positive character. It is our belief that through athletics, students are provided the potential for becoming better people and citizens. It is our goal as coaches to be the leaders, positive role models, and mentors for all student-athletes on and off the Track & Field team.

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Fundraising via King Soopers gift cards for the CHS Track Team!
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